“I wasn’t greedy for 10 million won, because (Park) Dong-won was so good…”

The LG Twins won the Korean Series, breaking a 29-year drought thanks to the performances of several players. MVP Oh Ji-hwan, who hit three home runs in the series, including a miraculous comeback three-run blast in Game 3, is a prime example. We can’t forget about Park Dong-won, who hit a game-winning two-run homer that changed the entire tone of the series after losing Game 1.

His performance on the mound was the most impressive. Rookie bullpen Yoo Young-chan (26). After Choi Won-tae collapsed in the first inning of Game 2, Yoo pitched 2⅓ perfect innings to secure the win. In the decisive Game 3, he pitched two scoreless innings to secure the win. In Game 5, which clinched the championship, Yoo was also used. He pitched 1⅔ scoreless innings again. While other bullpen pitchers were losing control and their pitches were faltering,먹튀검증 Yoo remained steadfast like a rock. Yoo’s eight relievers were the “core” of the bullpen. It is no exaggeration to say that they saved the LGs in the crucial Games 2 and 3.

Before the series,

Yoon promised to give a prize of 10 million won to the best player who did not win the MVP. The MVP will receive a Rolex watch after waiting 26 years for it, which is why Yeom threw in a “carrot” as there was too much attention and players could get greedy.

It was hard to decide, so Yeom decided to give 5 million won each to Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan. Later, Park Dong-won convinced Yeom to give them both 10 million won each. This is a big gift for Yoo Young Chan, a rookie with an annual salary of 31 million won.

When asked if he was greedy for the 10 million won prize, Yoo Young Chan said, “I wasn’t greedy. I thought Dongwon would get it. Dongwon did the best,” he said.

Speaking about his first Korean Series experience, Yoo said, “I was nervous in the first game. But the good results gave me confidence. The more I threw, the more I got used to it. I’m grateful that the manager and coach believed in me. I want to win next year, too. It’s even better than I imagined.”

Reflecting on his debut season, Yoo said, “It was too long. The first month of April flew by, but looking back, I had a great experience. I’m grateful to my manager and coaches. (Im) Chan Kyu-hyung helped me a lot mentally and told me things I didn’t know. It helped me a lot,” he explained.

As for his future in baseball,

Yoo said, “I want to continue pitching in a must-win situation. I’m not greedy for personal records. I want to play a full season without getting injured. This year, I was injured in the middle, so my first goal for next season is to play a full season.”

Yoo appeared in 67 games this season, posting a 6-3 record with 12 holds and one save. He was designated for assignment in late June due to a side injury. He graduated from Konkuk University in 2020 and was nominated for the LG, but was immediately called up for military service while in the second team. After being discharged from the military last year, he caught the eye of coach Yoon while preparing for the incisal procedure, and his baseball career blossomed.