Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Jang-ran kicked off her support for the Hangzhou 2022 ParaAsia Games by watching the table tennis qualifiers.

Vice Minister Jang Jang-ran visited the Hangzhou Archer Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, where the men’s singles table tennis qualifying

event was held on Feb. 22.

Holding a Korean flag in her left hand, she waved the flag and cheered on the Korean players as they dominated the competition.

“You worked so hard,” Zhang said. Even though the competition has been postponed by a year, everyone is in the same situation, so I hope they can achieve

good results as they have prepared,” Jang said.

“The day before, I met with a nutritionist at the catering center and was introduced to the diet, which was very appetizing,” he said, adding, “I hope you enjoy

your lunch and have a satisfying competition.”

A gold medalist in weightlifting at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this is the first time Vice Minister Zhang has attended a Para Asian Games. He said he didn’t see

much difference in the passion for victory between able-bodied and disabled athletes.

“Before I came to the game, I had my own imagination of what a Paralympic event would be like, but (when I got there), I saw that the athletes with disabilities

were just as active as their able-bodied counterparts,” Jang said, adding, “The Korean athletes were overwhelming, so I watched the game with a relaxed mind

and no tension.” 카지노사이트존