Training league-finishing camp at the end of the season…’114 hits-49 RBIs’ rookie supreme Moon Hyun-bin studies baseball for 10 months from February to November

It’s 2023, and it starts with baseball and ends with baseball.

Hanwha Eagles high school rookie Moon Hyun-bin (19), outfielder Lee Jin-young (26), infielder Kim In-hwan (29), and third-year right-handed pitcher Kim Kyu-yeon (21) will join the Miyazaki Education League (Phoenix League) in Japan. After the season finale against the Lotte Giants on the 16th, the team will take a day off on the 17th before departing on the 18th. Kim Seo-hyun, Ha Ju-seok and Kim Min-woo have been playing in the Phoenix League since September 9. Twenty Hanwha players and 10 Samsung players are participating in a combined team.

Moon Hyun-bin, a rookie second-round pick in 2023, will focus on baseball throughout the season.

He prepared for the season with Kim Seo-hyun in the first and second spring training camps in Arizona, USA and Okinawa, Japan. After playing exhibition games with the first team, he started the season with the first team, unlike Kim Seo-hyun. He played with the first team from the opening game against the Kiwoom Heroes on April 1 to the final game against the Lotte Giants on April 16.

That’s 10 months of baseball, from the overseas training camp in February to the final training camp in November at the same venue after the training league ended.

Moon is the best rookie beast this season. The outfielder has played in 137 games, batting 2-for-6 with 114 hits, five home runs, and 49 RBIs. He was third on the team in hits and fourth in RBIs behind Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung. He was just ahead of outfielder Kim Min-seok (19), the Lotte Giants’ first-round pick.

The two became the seventh and eighth high school rookies to surpass 100 hits in their debut seasons in early October.

Moon said, “I’m looking forward to the Education League. I heard that there are good pitchers. I want to hit well. I will also have a way to cope with them. I think it’s a good opportunity.”

Along with Moon Hyun-bin, Choi Won-ho singled out Lee Jin-young as a player who “showed promise for next season.

Lee, who was acquired from the KIA Tigers last year, has performed well as a mainstay this year. In 121 games, he batted 2-for-4 with 89 hits, 10 home runs, and 50 RBIs. The eighth-year pro set career highs in hits, home runs, and RBIs. Ranked third on the team in home runs and RBIs.

After leading the team in home runs last year (16), In-hwan Kim struggled this season. With just seven home runs and 42 RBIs, she’s still a resource with potential for improvement. Kim Kyu-yeon pitched 19⅔ innings in 23 games. 온라인카지노 She finished the season with a 1-1 record and a 2.45 ERA.

There’s a reason she played in the final game of the pennant race and participated in the education league. It’s to gain experience against good pitchers in Japanese professional teams.

Hanwha’s 2024 season has begun.