“Richarlison’s Soccer is Still Fantastic”… Resurrection Gun that put to Rest Controversy Over Fraud

He moved to Tottenham for 99 billion won, but scored only 1 league goal last season and made a big comeback after confessing,

“I’m angry about things off the field… I’m going to get psychological counseling.”

Richarlison de Andrade (26), a Brazilian striker for Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung-min’s team,

is the player who has probably caused the most disappointment from fans of this club over the past year.

Richarlison attracted great attention by scoring 43 goals in the Premier League (EPL)

a total of 53 goals in official games while playing for Everton for four seasons from 2018 to 2022.

In particular, he produced many scenes where he scored the decisive goal to win the game.

Tottenham, who showed the appearance of a problem solver, 바카라사이트

paid a whopping 60 million pounds (about 99 billion won) to sign him ahead of last season.

With Harry Kane (Munich) still in good standing, it was predicted that the presence of Richarlison,

who can play not only in the center but also on the flanks,

would pose a major threat to Son Heung-min’s position.

When Richarlison de Andrade came to London, he performed extremely poorly.

In the EPL, he only scored one goal, and even adding up all his goals in official games,

he only had three goals.

Charly Song has all the strengths of a striker, such as strength, speed, and decisiveness,

but the ups and downs in his performance have been pointed out as a weakness.

However, when I came to Tottenham, I stayed at the ‘lower limit’ of ups and downs all year long.

Richarlison revealed the reason for his poor performance in an interview

with reporters from his country while he was with the Brazilian national team during the international match in September.

He confessed that he shed tears on the bench after failing to score in the match against Bolivia,

in which he started, and being substituted in the middle of the second half, saying,”It wasn’t because of my performance,

it was because I was angry about what was happening outside the ground.”

He continued, “We went through a period of upheaval off the field over the past five months,” and added, “Now everything is back to normal.

Those who only cared about my money have left.”

Richarli Song also said he would receive psychological counseling when he returns to Tottenham.

It appears that he was mentally shaken due to financial problems with people around him, including his agent.

Richarlison, who had revealed with difficulty that he had been suffering from a ‘mental illness’ and pledged to make a new start,

immediately returned to being a problem solver.

He was substituted for Papessar in the 35th minute of the second half

when the team was behind 0-1 in the 5th round of the EPL

against Sheffield United on the 16th, his first game after his A match period.

In the 8th minute of added time, which was well over 45 minutes of regular time,

Richarlison scored a ‘great goal’ with a header from a corner kick situation,

saving Tottenham from the crisis of their first defeat of the season.

It was Richarlison’s biggest goal in the regular season this season.

This wasn’t the end.

Tottenham, who managed to open the scoring, achieved a thrilling comeback win

of 2-1 with Dejan Kulusevski scoring the winning goal two minutes later.

Richarlison assisted this goal.

The star of the match was definitely Richarlison.

When the final whistle blew and the Tottenham players headed to the home stands to share the joy of victory with the fans,

‘Captain’ Son Heung-min took the lead by pushing Richarlison, who was hesitant, on his back.

“We all need balance in life,” coach Enzi Postecoglou said.

“Richarlison needs to know that he is still good at soccer.

He is a fantastic soccer player,” he said of his student who was starting to come out of the tunnel of darkness.

I cheered.