PEC United’s under-12 (U-12) team, a powerhouse of youth soccer clubs in the Suwon region, won the championship in Group 8 of the Gyeonggi region of the ‘2023 National Elementary Soccer League’.

PEC United, led by coach Song Young-min, won 2-0 and won the championship with Kim Jun-seong’s first goal in the 8th minute of the first half and Nam Hyo-yoon’s additional goal in the 17th minute of the second half in the last league game against group 2nd place GS Gyeongsu Club held at Ansan Sports Town on the 14th. Confirmed.

In the elementary school soccer league, where matchups have been held every weekend in various regions across the country since last April, the Gyeonggi-do region was divided into a total of 10 groups.

PEC United ended its seven-month long journey with a win with 11 wins and 1 loss in Group 8, where a fierce battle for rankings was expected with 14 strong teams including Suwon Samsung, GS Kyungsoo Club, and Ansan Greeners.

As a result, PEC United won the Gyeonggi Provincial Governor’s Cup Youth Football Tournament and the Hwarangdaegi Youth Football Team, which were held as official elementary school competitions of the Korea Football Association this year, and swept this tournament, achieving the best result ever, achieving a treble.

In particular, PEC United has a deeper meaning as its leaders also practice the PEC Sports Academy educational philosophy of ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and produce valuable results through positive coaching based on children’s good character and good sportsmanship. .

PEC United coach Song Young-min said, “I think today’s valuable result is due to the continuous support of the players and parents who followed the long schedule well,” and added, “I am grateful to the various managers and coaches who accompanied us through the 7-year training process from kindergarten to 6th grade. “It was possible because of everyone’s hard work,” he said, expressing his feelings about winning.