Gimcheon Sangmu took the first step in preparing for the upcoming season with open tryouts for its U-12 and U-10 teams.

On September 24, Gimcheon held a tryout for U-12 and U-10 players at the artificial turf field at the Legal Culture and Education Center of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation from 3 pm. The targets were children born in 2012 (5th grade) to 2015 (2nd grade) within the jurisdiction of Gimcheon City. The previously scheduled practice match with the prefecture’s 바카라사이트 Gimcheon Sangmu U-12 was replaced by the participants’ own practice match.

More than 30 people applied for the test, which covers basic skills needed for soccer such as dribbling, shooting, and running. The final announcement of the successful applicants will be made on Tuesday, September 26 at 2pm, and they will be contacted individually.

After the test, Gimcheon Sangmu U-12 coach Cho Hyung-jun said, “I am grateful that young people are challenging themselves to play professional soccer. We focused on their passion and attitude towards soccer and judged their potential for further development most importantly.”

Founded in 2022, Gimcheon Sangmu U-12 won its first victory in August, a year and a half after its inception. The team won its first match at the 2023 Hwarangdae National Youth Soccer Tournament and then went on to win two matches in the same tournament. This is the result of coach Cho Hyung-joon’s faith in his players for a year and a half. This season, Gimcheon Sangmu U-12 had a meaningful season, laying the foundation for growth.

“The most important thing for a youth team is the attitude toward soccer and the spirit of challenge,” said Cho Hyung-jun, head coach of Gimcheon Sangmu U-12. We didn’t get hung up on wins and losses and valued the process more than the result, so the players didn’t give up and developed a spirit of challenge. I am the one who teaches them how to do it. It’s up to them to find the right answer,” he said.

“Athletes thrive on competition, so I will make sure the team competes with each other. We want to be a team that improves every day.”

With one game left in the Gyeongbuk Region of the 2023 National Primary League, Gimcheon Sangmu U-12 has taken the first step in preparing for the next season.