The government has set a sports budget of 1.67 trillion won for next year.

 It increased by 30 billion won (1.8%) from this year.

 Major projects include supporting the sports industry and supporting the national team that will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-gyun said, “We plan to systematically support related industries so that world-class sports companies such as Nike and Adidas can grow in Korea. 

“We plan to expand support for field training and participation in international competitions and support camp operations so that the Korean national team can demonstrate their skills to the fullest at the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he said.

We have allocated a budget to ensure that K-Sports can drive the growth of the entire industry in Korea.”

He emphasized.

The most important part was preparing support measures for the sports industry to ‘realize the sports industry’s 100 trillion won’.

 To revitalize the industry, the largest ever loan budget was allocated. 바카라사이트닷컴

 In particular, the budget for direct loans, which are in high demand at small sports companies, was increased by 153 billion won compared to the previous year. 

The target of support will also be expanded from sports goods manufacturers to sports service companies. 

We plan to significantly expand support for start-ups that are less than seven years old to focus on discovering promising sports companies and widen the door to start-ups.

In order to realize high added value in the sports industry, fund investment was expanded from KRW 10.1 billion to KRW 30.3 billion this year, a three-fold increase. 

We plan to allow the fund to be used for mega sports events such as invitational matches in overseas leagues that are popular at home and abroad.

The budget to support sports activities of underprivileged groups, such as low-income children and adolescents, the disabled, and the elderly, was also increased.

To support the sports activities of vulnerable groups, the target for sports course vouchers (106,000 → 140,000 people) and the monthly support amount (95,000 won → 100,000 won for children and teenagers, 110,000 won for the disabled) will be expanded.

 To promote physical activities for the disabled, new physical fitness certification centers will be opened (14 → 17 locations), and the operation of the physical fitness certification center for the disabled will be strengthened, including securing new mobile measuring equipment for the disabled with limited mobility.

 In addition, in order to expand sports activities for seniors, the construction of senior-friendly indoor sports facilities will be expanded to 11 locations.

Support for the national team will also be strengthened. National team leader allowances and player training meal expenses were increased to 50,000 won per day (previously 44,000 won), and out-of-village lodging fees were increased to 80,000 won (previously 60,000 won).

 A new budget was allocated to improve the swimming pool at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village so that athletes can train in a swimming pool that meets international competition standards with a depth of 3 meters, and the support budget for overseas training was increased to KRW 6.9 billion (previously KRW 5.6 billion).

We support the operation of local training camps for athletes participating in the Paris Olympics and Paralympic Games, and in particular, a new budget for operating the Paralympic training camps has been reflected.

 In addition, a new budget has been allocated to prepare for the 2027 Chungcheong region Summer World University Games.