‘Jones Cup runner-up’ women’s basketball BNK, next season outlook ‘sunny’

‘Best 5’ Lee So-hee, proof of international competitiveness… ‘Results’ of discovering six men such as Kim Ji-eun

Coach Park Jeong-eun “We will expand the range of players available through rotation in the Park Shin-ja Cup”

Women’s Basketball

Women’s basketball Busan BNK finished second in the 42nd William Jones Cup held in Taiwan and revealed the prospects for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

BNK participated in the competition held at the Heping Gymnasium in Taipei City,

Taiwan from the 5th to the 9th as the representative of Korea. 온라인카지노

Six Teams

Six teams including BNK, Chanson Cosmetics, which ranked 7th in Japan’s W-League last season,

Taiwan Team A made up of Taiwanese national team players,

Taiwan B Team made up of standing military players,

the Philippine national team, and the Iranian national team all compete for the championship trophy.

We fought one game at a time.


BNK, which set the goal of winning the international tournament, won 87-44 against Iran in the first game,

defeated Team B in Taiwan 77-65 in the second game, and won two consecutive victories.

After losing 73-98 to Chanson Cosmetics, the winner of the tournament, in the 3rd game,

BNK beat the Philippine national team 65-59 in the 4th game,

won a complete victory over the Taiwanese team A 93-76 in the 5th game,

which was the ‘2nd place match’.

With a record of 4 wins and 1 loss, BNK came in second after Chanson Cosmetics (5 wins), and the silver medal-winning team smiled widely.

After successively defeating other national teams in international competitions,

BNK revealed their prospects for victory next season.

Coach of BNK

Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, took the baton in the 2021-2022 season and put the team in the postseason for the first time in the club, and last season they performed better with a runner-up.

The growth of the leading scorer and the strengthening of the bench members, the two pieces of the puzzle to win, achieved some results through the Jones Cup.

Lee So-hee

Lee So-hee, who was selected as one of the best 5 last season,

showed off her high-sensitivity shooting skills with an average of 18.2 points in 5 games in this competition, was selected as one of the best 5 of the competition and was recognized for her skills on the international stage.

After scoring 20 points in the first game, Lee So-hee was sluggish in the second and third games,

but rebounded again in the fourth game by posting 19 points, including 3 points and 5 shots.

In the 5th game with the medal color, he scored 31 points alone against the Taiwanese national team.


In an interview after the tournament, Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said, “Lee So-hee is our team’s scorer, and when she thinks a lot and feels down, the team’s performance also declines.”It would have been an opportunity to grow a little bit more.”

Head coach Park Jeong-eun rotated the rotation by frequently using bench members while playing games for five consecutive days, and also discovered a sixth man who showed remarkable growth.

Coach Park Jeong-eun’s ‘prominent player’ was Kim Ji-eun.

Kim Ji-eun

Kim Ji-eun, who predicted an active performance by recording 17 points including 3 points and 5 shots in the first game, participated in all 5 games of this tournament and only scored 15 points with 3 points.

Director Park Jeong-eun said to Kim Ji-eun, “He fulfilled his role well.

The road ahead must have been dark, but now that he can see his own path, he thinks he might have found his homework.”

Moon Ji-young also played her part in the third match against Chanson Cosmetics’ Nigerian center Lee Jo-ye Woo-che (188 cm).

Director Park praised, “I put Ji-young Moon on Woo-che, and she performed her duties well.” “She felt that Ji-young Moon was hungry during her playing time on her court.

“It was a tournament to learn the timing to widen the range of available players.

It was an opportunity to practice a little more on when to add players and how to organize them,” said coach Park himself, looking back at it as an opportunity to grow one step further as a leader.

BNK, which achieved results at the Jones Cup, now turns to the Park Shin-Ja Cup, which will be held at the Cheongju Gymnasium in Chungcheongbuk-do from the 26th.

BNK was in Group B with Cheongju KB, Bucheon Hana 1Q, Japan’s Eneos Sunflowers and the Philippine national team.

Park Shin-Ja Cup

In the Park Shin-Ja Cup, coach Park Jeong-eun also checks the actual performance of non-jujeon players through rotation.

Coach Park said, “I have an idea to run the rotation with a wider range than the regular season,” and “I want to make it a tournament where players can gain confidence.”