(Incheon=News1) Ahn Young-jun reports = Brazilian striker Hernandez (24) of professional soccer’s K League 1 Incheon United expressed his delight at the return of striker Mugosa (31-Monenegro) to the team. “It will be the coach who has a headache,” he said, adding that he took it positively.

Incheon won 2-0 at home against Daejeon in the 23rd round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium on Saturday.

Hernandez was involved in both of the team’s goals on the day with one goal and one assist. It was the second consecutive game that he scored a goal, following his brace against Ulsan Hyundai in Round 22. With Hernandez’s performance, Incheon recorded its first back-to-back wins of the season.

Incheon’s victory was significant. It was the return of Mugosa, who had been with the team since 2018 and had been away for a year. Mugosa, who was injured in a recent A match, watched the game from the stands.

Mugosa’s arrival isn’t all bad news for Hernandez, as it means he’ll have some competition.

Especially since Hernandez was brought in as a replacement when Mugosa moved to Vissel Kobe (Japan) last summer. If before he was (Mugosa’s) replacement, now he has to be a competitor or an attacking partner.

“Having Mugosa back on the team is a 토토 great thing for our team, it’s not me who doesn’t like it (Mugosa’s return), it’s the other team,” Hernandez smiled.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help him get up to speed in the league. There will be competition, but it won’t be me or Mugosa who will have a headache, it will be coach Cho Sung-hwan (who has to decide on the roster),” he added in a jovial tone.

On the day, Hernandez and Gerso shared a goal apiece, and the two played well together.

“We’ve been communicating a lot since he first came to Incheon,” Hernandez said. We just needed time, but there was nothing difficult. We will continue to communicate more and show good chemistry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hernandez drew the attention of the crowd by performing Cristiano Ronaldo’s (Alnasr) signature ‘downpour ceremony’. “I’m happy just to share the joy of scoring a goal with the fans,” Hernandez said, adding, “I want to score more goals.”