Head coach Hwang Sun-hong’s Hangzhou Asian Games soccer team has held its first training session since the final roster was announced.

Despite the absence of the K League All-Stars and overseas players, the enthusiasm on the training field was as high as the sweltering weather.One by one, the players who made the final roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games are joining the Paju NFC.The short three-day training camp was held during the K League All-Star break.The players gathered were 14 of the 21 total roster, including Uhm Won-sang and wild card Park Jin-seop, who were injured in the recent exhibition match against China.”It’s the first time I’ve been selected (to the national team) in my football career, so I’m very honored, and I’m determined to prepare wellAlthough the training is not complete, Hwang will sportstoto focus on refining his partial tactics, such as breathing in the defense line and finishing attacks.”We don’t have a lot of time to get together, so I think we need to keep communicating, and we also need a lot of partial parts, so we’ll have a short but good timeDespite missing the call-up, there was plenty of interest in Lee Kang-in.Hwang Sun-hong was optimistic about both Lee’s physical condition, having recently suffered a minor injury, and his club PSG’s loan problems.”When he signed with PSG, I confirmed that there was a positive exchange, but I was told that he needed about a month to recover (from the injury).”Uhm Won-sang is also waiting for his ‘best friend’ Lee Kang-in to join the team.”I think it’s a positive thing because he has a lot of strengths, and I think it’s my role to be there to help him do well.”Meanwhile, the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held on Nov. 27, where the fate of Hwang Sun-hong-ho will be decided.

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