Hwang Sun-hong announced the final roster on the 14th.

However, the inclusion of Seongnam defender Lee Sang-min, who had previously been punished for driving under the influence of alcohol, drew criticism from fans immediately after the announcement.
In the end, the Korean Football Association removed Lee from the roster just four days after it was announced.

The reason was a bizarre rule violation.
According to the KFA’s national team rules, players who have been fined more than 5 million won for drunk driving are ineligible for selection for three years.

However, in August 2020, Lee Sang-min, who had received such a sentence, was selected by the federation for the Asian Games without properly checking the rules.

Furthermore, he had already played six games for the national age group team since October 2021.
The federation came up with a bizarre explanation that “Lee Sang-min only played in K League 2 and was relatively uninformed compared to players in K League 1 or the A National Team” and admitted that “there was inexperience in not properly reviewing the regulations at the time of the first selection.”
[Chung Ga-yeon/Korea Football Association Public Relations Officer].

“There were shortcomings in our handling of the regulations that the association must review when selecting representatives, and we will take measures to check their history of problems, such as requiring them to submit a pledge, as is the case in some countries, before finalizing the representatives.”
Coach Hwang Sun-hong also apologized…but that’s not all.

The final roster, which has already been submitted, is likely to lose one entry, as the rule is that players cannot be replaced unless they are injured.

If even ‘key member’ Lee Kang-in can’t come to an agreement with his club, 카지노사이트넷 the team could be forced to play the tournament with only 20 players.

The goal of winning a third consecutive Asian Games was doomed from the start due to poor administrative handling by the Football Association.